Weekend Wrap Up

  • LOVE what God is doing in our current series!!!!
  • Worship and testimonies have been phenomenal.
  • Meeting so many guests has been a tremendous blessing!!
  • So thankful for the faithfulness of so many great families in our church!!!
  • Our church is blessed with some amazing volunteers – if you serve at Parkview THANK YOU!!!!
  • This is the time of year that our church family gets ridiculously generous!
  • We have already done Trunk or Treat and served hundreds and hundreds of families; we are wrapping up the collection of Thanksgiving Baskets; we are about to give our city the gift of our Living Nativity; along with our Living Nativity we engage in our annual Wise Men Gift Exchange; every year through our Christmas offering we bring a gift to Christ so we can give the gift of Christ.
  • JUMP IN as we bring Christmas to theĀ  cities of Palm Coast and St. Augustine!!

Weekend Thoughts

  • There is so much learning to be discovered in the Lord’ prayer!!!
  • There is such a great opportunity for all of us to grow in our understanding, appreciation and practice of prayer.
  • Loved using Matt 6:12 as a platform to express what it means to be forgiven by God in order to enter into a faith relationship with Him.
  • Seeing people raise their hand and indicate they placed their faith in Jesus overwhelms me with the goodness of God!!
  • I think we had 14 raise their hands – beyond that I loved seeing people come and get their Bible and share that they had trusted Jesus as Lord and Leader of their life.
  • What an absolute thrill to share the gospel and see people respond as the Spirit speaks to their heart!!!
  • When people follow Jesus it causes me to consider all the many outstanding volunteers that have a part in that divine moment!!
  • If you serve on a ministry team – THANKS!!!!!!!
  • It is wonderful to see all those who are jumping in to serve at Parkview.
  • It is a privilege to also serve alongside such a wonderful staff team – an absolutely amazing group of people.
  • Can’t wait to see what God continues to do through our series on the Lord’s Prayer!!

The Coming Weekend

IN SO MANY WAYS this has been an incredible week in the midst of an incredible season of ministry!!!
PLEASE do whatever you can to join us this weekend!!! This morning I did an interview that will be a part of this weekend’s services – God is at work and you will be touched! I also just finished the final draft of my sermon – CAN’T WAIT TO SHARE what the Lord has given me. We will discover what Jesus really meant when he told us to pray, “Thy kingdom come thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven”. As we teach through our series, The Lord’s Prayer, I want to ask you to go the extra mile and do everything you can to make each week of the 6 week series. If you happened to miss last weekend you can click here to get caught up. I really believe this is going to do much for us in the way of Life Change!!! Also, with so many people being familiar with the Lord’s Prayer, this is a great series to invite someone to join you.
Worship is going to be incredible, the interview will stir you and God has a word for all of us!!!
Please be sure to join us in Palm Coast on Sat 6pm or Sun 9, 10:15 or 11:30 or in St. Augustine Sun 10am.

The Weekend & The Random

  • WOW!!!! Love what God is doing at Parkview.
  • Watching God work in our St. Aug campus has been amazing – guests every week and new people plugging in!!!!
  • Please pray for Pastor Chad and his great team!!!
  • Special thanks to all those who helped in St. Aug!!!
  • Group Life is rocking – I think we are approaching 500 adults in groups!!!!
  • LOVE what God is doing in kids and student groups…Life Change for all!!!
  • Emmanuel’s Closet is now open (3 doors down from Grace’s Place) what an incredible job our volunteers have done!!!
  • We had a family utilize the services of Emmanuel’s Closet on Sat and were in church on Sun – what it is all about!!!
  • It was a massive blessing to have JJ with us this past weekend!!! Love that guy and how God is using he and Melissa.
  • THX to our Parkview family for your generosity – we gave JJ $2,300 for his ministry.
  • Dreaming of the day we give 10x’s that amount!!!
  • Had a great Get Connected – standing room only – literally!!!
  • Love hosting that with Denise!!!
  • So many new families!!!!
  • Loved launching our new series, The Lord’s Prayer.
  • CAN’T WAIT for this weekend!!!!
  • Love my family
  • Love my job
  • Love our people
  • Love GOD!!!

Pain Management Reflections

  • In SO MANY WAYS this past weekend will be remembered for so long!!
  • So grateful to Chad Clark for openly sharing his family’s story.
  • Many people were touched so deeply!!
  • What made the story so helpful was looking at it all through the gospel – specifically looking at it through the crucifixion and the resurrection.
  • Thanks to so many people for sharing how the Lord used the weekend in your life or in the life of those you love.
  • THANKS for inviting your friends, neighbors and co-workers!!!
  • Our mailer was very effective in both Palm Coast and St. Augustine – we thank the Lord for using those mailers!!
  • So glad to have Chad and his family serving in St. Augustine!!!!
  • Worship was incredible – in perfect sync with the message and what God would do in our hearts.
  • Our pain and problems go deeper when our faith and friendships are shallow.
  • Nothing is more needed in our pain than the presence of God.
  • Isaiah 43:2
  • Psalm 34:18-19
  • Looking forward to this coming weekend!!!!!
  • A special thanks to all those serving in our Overflo Student Ministry. They launched their 2 Sunday night sevices: 7th & 8th grade meet at 6pm and 9th – 12th meet at 7:30pm.
  • I heard great things about our student band!!! So proud of them – love to see God at work in their lives!!!
  • Praying for our students, teachers and school employees as they begin a new year. May God use them to be Jesus in their world!!
  • Have a great rest of the week!!

Growing in Knowledge

One of the points in our message this weekend is that if we are maturing in our discipleship then it will be evidenced by our growing in biblical knowledge. The best book we can read to grow in biblical knowledge is obviously the Bible. Outside the Bible I would like to recommend several authors that will help further your learning and discipleship:

  • Tim Keller
  • David Platt
  • Mark Batterson
  • Francis Chan
  • Beth Moore
  • Kay Arthur
  • C.S. Lewis
  • A.W. Tozer

There are certainly many others but those are a good place to start.

First 4 Days Back from Vacation

Just some random things in the life of an ADD pastor:) We have been back from vacation for 4 days and here is a window into that scene:

  • We had a phenomenal time away!!! Not perfect but phenomenal. Wonderful memories.
  • The North GA mountains are gorgeous!
  • My brother and his family came for almost a week – that was awesome!
  • Dear friends of ours came in for a long weekend – we love them dearly!
  • Denise’s parents came for a couple weeks – they are great people – seriously:)!
  • We finished off our family vacation with the staff, elders, wives and kids joining us for a retreat. In every area of the retreat my expectations were met or exceeded – mainly exceeded. What an absolutely incredible group of people who love God and love our church! Honored and privileged to serve with them!!
  • We got back in late Friday afternoon.
  • I cut the grass that night
  • Saturday I went to the church early and studied for a few hours to tweak my sermon and get out of vaca mode.
  • Saturday afternoon I went and hung out with Phil Nicolosi and a few guys from the St. Aug campus. Phil is remodeling a house to move into and the guys were helping him.
  • We also had a St. Aug campus pastor prospect in town for the weekend with his family. They met up with us at Phil’s house and then I took them to our campus and spent some time together.
  • Got back to the house in time to change and head to church and get ready for our Sat night service.
  • After an incredible service our family and our campus prospect and his family went to the Johnson household to hang out and fellowship.
  • 5 kids under 3 there -that was fun:)
  • Sunday morning 3 more great services!! Great worship and lots of energy.
  • Lots of visitors!
  • We kicked off Romans for the Summer – LOVE that!!!
  • Sunday afternoon went out to lunch w family and friends.
  • Sunday night elder meeting over dinner with our wives and the campus pastor prospect and his wife.
  • That lasted about 3 hours. Alot of tears were shed – more about that at a later date but our time was sweet.
  • Clean up – go home – straight to bed for this guy!!!
  • Mon morning 2 mile run – get Denise and Seth off to student Summer Camp – staff meeting – lunch with staff (I sure missed them while I was away) – some afternoon reading – run an errand – very encouraging call from a man in our church that I consider a dear friend – dinner with my folks – then go to Dunkin Donuts by myself and study for about 1 1/2 hours (small Rocky Road milkshake – slowly easing out of vaca mode still:) Get home at 11 and go straight to bed!
  • This morning – 2 mile run – breakfast at Subway, text a couple pastor friends, study here for 1 1/2 hours – send a few emails – type this blog – mentally prepare for more bachelor life this week while Denise and Seth are at Camp.
  • Work the rest of this day.
  • Go fishing tonight at 5 with a young guy that I love dearly!
  • Enjoying some sweet time with God – glad to be back – Love Parkview and love the privilege of pastoring!!!
  • Praying for our students at camp
  • Denise and Seth, I miss you and look forward to when you get home Friday!!

Awesome Randomness!!!

  • LOVED preaching this past weekend on gospel-centered generosity.
  • If you missed the weekend message you can click here to watch.
  • Night of Worship was absolutely PHENOMENAL!!!!
  • God was praised and the roof was raised!!
  • Standing room only
  • The 4 pastors present Sunday night shared in our monthly lunch get together today and we enjoyed celebrating the move of God at our Night of Worship.
  • To Him and Him alone be all glory!!
  • Other news
  • looking forward to fishing Friday – it has been a few weeks – withdraws
  • Skate Night for our church is this Sunday night and admission is FREE
  • I can’t wait to speak this weekend. Really looking forward to those who will be joining me on stage!!!
  • Men’s groups start this coming Wed May 28th at 6:45pm. Going to be an AWESOME time with the guys!!! Last year we had over 100 men.
  • Women’s groups run in July
  • More details on Summer groups this weekend.
  • REALLY looking forward to this weekend.
  • Had some really good appts this week.
  • I am very excited about some St. Aug campus talks I had this week.
  • One more work day until my sabbath!
  • Hope to see you this weekend!!!

AWESOME Day and the weekend is coming!!!!

I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE WEEKEND but first I must tell you about yesterday!!! Yesterday was just one of those days – one of those awesome, incredible, phenomenal days for which every pastor would dream. I will give you the run down of the whole day:)

  • Time with the Lord
  • 4 mile run
  • a little study
  • ministry phone call
  • meet with a couple, hear what God is doing in their life and they both commit to be baptized this weekend
  • go to lunch with the family to celebrate Mom’s bday
  • Meet a couple at their house. The guy gets saved (he is in his 70′s and was so ready) and he commits to baptism
  • Back to the office and about 2 hours of study and some final tweaks to the weekend message
  • meet with another couple and they both commit to baptism
  • 5 people commit to baptism and 1 person trusts Christ!!! WOW!!!!! WHAT A DAY!!!!!
  • the icing on the cake was that Denise was able to be a part of all my appts!

The message this weekend is highly relevant!!!! If you ever have to make decisions or have to try to figure out God’s plan for your life then you will not want to miss the weekend.

Come ready to hear from God, ready to offer up your best worship and ready to celebrate with those getting baptized!!!!

See you in Palm Coast Sat at 6pm or Sun 9, 10:15 or 11:30am – St. Augustine at 10am.

Current events at Parkview

  • Last night Denise and I were able to host an incredible couple for dinner in our home. They pastored in St. Augustine for over 25 years. They retired several months ago and have been attending Parkview ever since. They are incredible fans of what God is doing at Parkview. What a privilege to have this sweet couple by our side.
  • Tonight Denise had choir practice. Seth and I had 2 students and Brazell over for burgers on the grille. We fished for about 45 min. Seth and Brazell shot guns for about an hour. If you don’t know who Brazell is just ask around. He is famous at Parkview:)
  • Pastor Kelly and 3 great leaders traveled to Atlanta today for the Orange Conference. Please be praying God uses the conference in a major way to impact our family ministry!!
  • 4 of us travel for the day tomorrow to Orlando for the Exponential Conference. This is the 3rd year in a row we have gone to the conference. You can watch here online for free tomorrow.
  • Must be the week for conferences.
  • I am a big proponent for sharpening the axe.
  • We had another absolutely incredible weekend at Parkview this past weekend. If you missed the service please go online and watch. You can click here to view.
  • Baptism is this coming weekend – click here to sign up or get more info. Family Dedication is the following weekend – click here to sign up.
  • I sometimes just feel like I need to pinch myself – Parkview is blessed in so many ways!!
  • At the top of my Parkview prayer list today is: For those who recently trusted Christ to grow, for those who need to take the next step of baptism to do so, John Mark and his family as they prepare to go to Uganda, a new campus pastor for St. Augustine, a few people in our church who are battling illnesses, for some young couples to go all in, for more people to experience the richness and fulfillment of volunteerism, and for our coming weekend services!
  • I CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS COMING WEEKEND!!!!!! Love the message God has given me to share. Talking about how to make the very best decisions in life.
  • Had some great conversations this week!!!! While eating lunch at Subway a young couple in our church asked me to explain biblical giving/tithing to them in regards to a couple specific questions they had – great conversation. Ran into a guy that has been visiting our church and I have wanting to connect with – we had a nice conversation, swapped numbers and agreed to do lunch soon. Invited the lady who helped put a crown on my tooth to visit Parkview – she has committed to visit!!! Had a few real encouraging email exchanges with people from Parkview.
  • God is good!! Have a great rest of the week.
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