Weekend Rewind

  • So many thoughts racing through my head!!
  • How does our worship team pull it off weekend after weekend! Such a tremendously committed group of volunteers who work so hard to bring their best worship to lead us in worship!! Thx to all who serve in media, band, praise team, etc!!!
  • Enjoyed Get Connected with 20 wonderful people yesterday!
  • Our new series, Out of the Shadows, hits so close to home for all of us.
  • Our new service schedule has worked well.
  • Our 9:30 and 11am service were within 5 of each other in total attendance.
  • Sat night attendance has been up significantly the last 2 weeks. If you can come on Sat night it sure helps us out on Sunday!!!!
  • Group Life was busy with alot of new people connecting in community!!
  • A special thanks to those who shared about our upcoming trip to El Slavador. Love seeing our church invest themselves in our global gospel!
  • So many great things coming up for our students!!!! Make sure your students are involved!!!
  • If you are not serving actively on a team NOW IS THE TIME to jump in – join us on our mission of Life Change!!! If you want to serve email jessica@parkviewlife.com right now.
  • Looking forward to a great week!!!

Weekend Rewind

  • Sure was great to start a new year with our church family!!!
  • Really excited about our new series, Out of the Shadows!!! The Lord gave us a great start!!
  • Loved meeting a whole bunch of guests!!
  • Thanks for all those who serve in the Welcome Tent!!!
  • Thanks for everyone who goes out of their way to look for new faces and make them feel warmly welcomed!!!
  • We are blessed with great staff, leaders and volunteers!!
  • During the services today I was able to walk around and peek in some of the kids rooms – WOW!!! Our kids are getting some incredible love and teaching!!!
  • Looking forward to the Solid Rock men’s conference on Jan 23-24.
  • Guys, get signed up now!!!
  • Click here to register for the men’s conference.
  • Our students have some great events coming up – be sure to get your students involved!!!
  • D-Now weekend - check this out
  • But Winter Jam comes first and if you love awesome Christian music then click here to find our more.
  • Thanks to all who serve the students of the church!!!!
  • Our new service times seemed to work pretty well. A special thanks to all those who chose the 9:30 service. It was our largest service of the weekend and that is a good thing. Most guests will choose 11 for a first visit – so having a little more room at 11 is good.
  • Please remember to help us by sitting closer to the front when you arrive and by not sitting on an aisle where people will have to climb over you to get a seat.
  • Sat night had almost 200 – If at all possible please attend Sat night if it works in your schedule. Just think you can sleep in on Sun!!!
  • Love what God is doing at Parkview!!!
  • If you are not serving anywhere then join us in our mission of Life Change!!! Email jessica@parkviewlife.com – she will help you find your sweet spot!
  • Have a great week!!!!
  • Invite someone to come to Parkview next week!!

Weekend Rewind

  • So many thoughts about the weekend!
  • LOVE what God is doing on both campuses!!!
  • Nothing seems more kingdom minded than when each campus is ecstatic about what is happening at the other campus!
  • Our staff did a great job in creating a wonderful experience for all of us in this series, A Different Kind of Christmas!!
  • Shawn Welcome hit a grand slam – love that guys heart for God!!!
  • I was thrilled to speak at our St. Aug campus today. Got there early – stayed late – went to eat lunch with friends.
  • Chad, Jenni and the amazing team around them are really seeing God at work!!
  • Looking forward to Christmas Eve services!!!
  • INVITE SOMEBODY – neither of you will regret it!!!!
  • Really appreciate the message Pastor Kelly brought this weekend. Loved the message of hope!!!!
  • So THANKFUL for all the guests we have on both campuses!!!!
  • Let’s be friendly and be a friend!!!! Look for people you don’t know and make a difference!!!
  • Already looking forward to Group Life after the first of the year!!!
  • Jan 4th we go to 2 services on Sunday morning in Palm Coast – 9:30 and 11. We are doing so for a few reasons: It will give us about 20 minutes between services instead of 5 minutes. It will help with check in, traffic flow, kids drop off, lobby space, and fellowship time. It will also allow us to have 2 service time that start in the “prime time slot” (“experts” say that prime time is considered from 9:30-11) so we will book end that prime time instead of only having as we currently do one service that falls in that time slot.
  • All of us will need to do our part in helping make as much space for our guests. Meaning – we can sit on the aisle and cross our legs and cause people to have to climb over us to get to their seat. We will also need to allow our ushers to effectively do their job in helping us use our space most effectively.
  • INVITE someone to Christmas Eve!!!!


Weekend Rewind

  • So much on my heart – so much that could be said.
  • This week was the week of the volunteer. I would imagine that collectively over 1,000 hours were invested in ministry and service.
  • Living Nativity welcomed a couple thousand people to experience the true meaning of Christmas.
  • The sets continue to improve every year, the crowds grow, our church family braves the cold temperatures and serve with a sweet spirit – in the end Christ is glorified!!
  • I can’t over emphasize just how hard so many of our people work!!! Thx!!!
  • Wise Men Gift Exchange is nothing short of POWERFUL!!
  • I arrived just before we opened on Sat and was deeply touched by all those waiting in line outside and then I walked inside and saw all the volunteers just waiting for the opportunity to share the love of Christ.
  • Hundreds of children will be blessed with Christmas gifts because of WMGE.
  • Thanks so much for investing!!! Your time and toys went a long way in making such a difference for so many families!!
  • Our food pantry was also open this weekend and served 61 families.
  • A number of people serve faithfully all year long – our food pantry has blessed so many!!!
  • Emmanuel’s Closet hosted a private event for a battered women’s shelter. From what I heard it was a very moving experience.
  • It is hard to believe everything that the incredible people of Parkview pulled off over this past weekend.
  • A special thanks to the staff and leaders that led the charge!!!
  • On top of a phenomenal week, I really enjoyed our gathering for worship this weekend.
  • Special thanks to Living Song who came with much talent and a strong passion to worship our great Savior!!
  • Our Different Kind of Christmas series has been celebrated on both campuses.
  • LOVE what God is doing in St. Augustine!!!!!
  • Parkview is an AMAZING place- a special place – a place that Loves God and Loves people!!
  • What a nice opportunity it was to give every volunteer a Christmas gift this weekend!!
  • I am out of words to adequately describe the work of God at Parkview.

Weekend Rewind

  • LOVE weekends at Parkview!
  • Went to bed last night after a 12 hour day – it was a good wore out feeling.
  • ABSOLUTELY NOTHING beats seeing people follow Christ as their Savior!!!!
  • Loved seeing people trust Christ and then come to the tents to get their Bible!!
  • Each person has a story of God at work in their lives – love hearing some of those stories!!
  • To follow up our weekend services with a baptism event last night was awesome.
  • Love seeing people identify with Christ in Baptism!!!
  • Loved seeing one spouse baptize another and loved seeing parents baptize their children!!!!!
  • Life Change!!!!
  • Looking forward to our all staff meeting today – Embracing God’s dream for the next 2 years!!
  • Our volunteers were amazing this weekend!!
  • So many people are so faithful and that makes such a difference!!!
  • Have an awesome week!!!!

Weekend Wrap

  • WOW – WOW – WOW!!!
  • So thankful for all that God is doing at Parkview!
  • Love the ridiculous generosity – helping almost 100 families with Thanksgiving dinner.
  • Concluded a great Get Connected luncheon series with some wonderful new friends. If you are new to Parkview and would like to join us in “door #1″ then be sure to sign up for our next Get Connected (info@parkviewlife.com). In the 3 luncheon series we will share our history, mission and values.
  • Our current series, The Counselor, has been absolutely amazing!!! So many lives being changed!!!
  • In 17 years of ministry I don’t ever remember having 3 weekends in a row like we have had over the last 3 weekends – so many God moments!
  • One of the huge blessings is the number of new friends that God is sending our way!!
  • Whatever you do make sure you plug in and join with us as we serve our city during the Christmas season. If you would like to join us by serving in the Living Nativity then click here and sign up right now.
  • A special thanks to our choir, band and entire worship team for leading us into God’s presence and helping us celebrate Him!!
  • I hope you have an incredible Thanksgiving week with your friends and family!!

Weekend Wrap Up

  • LOVE what God is doing in our current series!!!!
  • Worship and testimonies have been phenomenal.
  • Meeting so many guests has been a tremendous blessing!!
  • So thankful for the faithfulness of so many great families in our church!!!
  • Our church is blessed with some amazing volunteers – if you serve at Parkview THANK YOU!!!!
  • This is the time of year that our church family gets ridiculously generous!
  • We have already done Trunk or Treat and served hundreds and hundreds of families; we are wrapping up the collection of Thanksgiving Baskets; we are about to give our city the gift of our Living Nativity; along with our Living Nativity we engage in our annual Wise Men Gift Exchange; every year through our Christmas offering we bring a gift to Christ so we can give the gift of Christ.
  • JUMP IN as we bring Christmas to theĀ  cities of Palm Coast and St. Augustine!!

Weekend Thoughts

  • There is so much learning to be discovered in the Lord’ prayer!!!
  • There is such a great opportunity for all of us to grow in our understanding, appreciation and practice of prayer.
  • Loved using Matt 6:12 as a platform to express what it means to be forgiven by God in order to enter into a faith relationship with Him.
  • Seeing people raise their hand and indicate they placed their faith in Jesus overwhelms me with the goodness of God!!
  • I think we had 14 raise their hands – beyond that I loved seeing people come and get their Bible and share that they had trusted Jesus as Lord and Leader of their life.
  • What an absolute thrill to share the gospel and see people respond as the Spirit speaks to their heart!!!
  • When people follow Jesus it causes me to consider all the many outstanding volunteers that have a part in that divine moment!!
  • If you serve on a ministry team – THANKS!!!!!!!
  • It is wonderful to see all those who are jumping in to serve at Parkview.
  • It is a privilege to also serve alongside such a wonderful staff team – an absolutely amazing group of people.
  • Can’t wait to see what God continues to do through our series on the Lord’s Prayer!!

The Coming Weekend

IN SO MANY WAYS this has been an incredible week in the midst of an incredible season of ministry!!!
PLEASE do whatever you can to join us this weekend!!! This morning I did an interview that will be a part of this weekend’s services – God is at work and you will be touched! I also just finished the final draft of my sermon – CAN’T WAIT TO SHARE what the Lord has given me. We will discover what Jesus really meant when he told us to pray, “Thy kingdom come thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven”. As we teach through our series, The Lord’s Prayer, I want to ask you to go the extra mile and do everything you can to make each week of the 6 week series. If you happened to miss last weekend you can click here to get caught up. I really believe this is going to do much for us in the way of Life Change!!! Also, with so many people being familiar with the Lord’s Prayer, this is a great series to invite someone to join you.
Worship is going to be incredible, the interview will stir you and God has a word for all of us!!!
Please be sure to join us in Palm Coast on Sat 6pm or Sun 9, 10:15 or 11:30 or in St. Augustine Sun 10am.

The Weekend & The Random

  • WOW!!!! Love what God is doing at Parkview.
  • Watching God work in our St. Aug campus has been amazing – guests every week and new people plugging in!!!!
  • Please pray for Pastor Chad and his great team!!!
  • Special thanks to all those who helped in St. Aug!!!
  • Group Life is rocking – I think we are approaching 500 adults in groups!!!!
  • LOVE what God is doing in kids and student groups…Life Change for all!!!
  • Emmanuel’s Closet is now open (3 doors down from Grace’s Place) what an incredible job our volunteers have done!!!
  • We had a family utilize the services of Emmanuel’s Closet on Sat and were in church on Sun – what it is all about!!!
  • It was a massive blessing to have JJ with us this past weekend!!! Love that guy and how God is using he and Melissa.
  • THX to our Parkview family for your generosity – we gave JJ $2,300 for his ministry.
  • Dreaming of the day we give 10x’s that amount!!!
  • Had a great Get Connected – standing room only – literally!!!
  • Love hosting that with Denise!!!
  • So many new families!!!!
  • Loved launching our new series, The Lord’s Prayer.
  • CAN’T WAIT for this weekend!!!!
  • Love my family
  • Love my job
  • Love our people
  • Love GOD!!!
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