Easter Season Thoughts

  • LOVE this time of year!!!!
  • Had an incredible weekend of worship this past weekend!!
  • Worship band and vocalists led us to the cross!
  • Our volunteers continue to amaze me!
  • Met a number of wonderful guests!
  • Probably preached the most important apologetics message I could preach on God’s Word.
  • Here is a link to my sermon notes for those who may be interested.
  • Parkview is the BEST place to preach.
  • Looking forward to this coming weekend
  • Ready to celebrate the hope of the resurrection!!!
  • I would ask our members to park out back or in the side lot. Be sure to share a friendly welcome with everyone. Look for guests and go out of your way to serve them. Slide to the middle of the row and keep end seats for our guests. Sing like the resurrection has changed your life!!!
  • If you are serving please arrive early!!!!
  • Pray for people to open their hearts to Jesus!!!!!
  • Much work has already gone into making this weekend an incredible experience – thanks to all the work of our staff and volunteers already!
  • Jesus is RISEN!!!!


43 Absolutely Totally Random Things

  1. Went to the Clay County Fair last night. Most of the Johnson family joined us. Seth & Carter had a blast!
  2. We want to buy a heifer.
  3. I cut some grass this morning. Also, went to boot camp and ran 3 miles. Then Denise and I went to Flagler Beach market to get fruit for smoothies. Love productive mornings!
  4. Thank you Lord for the absolutely beautiful day!!!!!!
  5. Going fishing this afternoon with the family and a student from our church.
  6. 4 Rivers Smokehouse in Jax is a must eat if you ever get the chance!!!
  7. With gas prices going up, I sure am glad I have an electric car:)
  8. What comes out of my mouth comes straight from my heart. I have messed up some this week – one time bigger than others!
  9. Thankful for grace
  10. My hotspot internet went way over budget last month.
  11. Thankful for a budget.
  12. Our greatest financial investment is in the kingdom.
  13. Was nice to have the money to go to the fair last night – thank you Lord!
  14. Enjoyed our elder breakfast this week. We just started going through the book, Dangerous Calling.
  15. Had a 2nd breakfast appt that morning with the Director of Missions for the St. Johns River Baptist Assoc, Asa. He wants me to leverage my leadership with other pastors – praying about that one.
  16. Praying that God leads us to His man for campus pastor in St. Aug. Have spoken/met with 6 candidates. Will you pray with me?
  17. Denise is sitting next to me eating almonds and reading a book.
  18. Seth is watching a fishing show.
  19. I would like to watch some of the Masters this weekend – probably won’t.
  20. ABSOLUTELY ECSTATIC about Easter coming!!!!!
  21. Last weekend was the largest non-holiday weekend in our church’s history. (This has happened a few times recently) PTL!!
  22. Success is measured in stories.
  23. Am very thankful for my pastor, Tom Messer
  24. There are a couple of very sick people who are heavy on my heart.
  25. I have some wonderful friends.
  26. I am blessed to serve with a phenomenal staff!!!
  27. I am very excited about some things that are coming in our Family Ministry.
  28. Thank you Kelly, Amber and an awesome group of other leaders and volunteers.
  29. Sonya completes that team.
  30. The stage looks awesome
  31. I love preaching at Parkview.
  32. Preaching with energy is one thing – preaching in the power of the Spirit is my greater cry!!
  33. Trying to build a building is a challenge with everything else that goes on.
  34. Moving slowly and often waiting on others
  35. I am very blessed.
  36. Love my family.
  37. Looking forward with great anticipation to our 4th weekend in, Power Words, this weekend.
  38. A staff member just texted me and is on their way over. We have no food to speak of:)
  39. Praying for many people to trust Jesus Easter Weekend. Will you pray with me?
  40. Been married 22 1/2 years. Been at Parkview 16 1/2 years. Seth is 12 1/2. WOW in so many ways.
  41. So many people at Parkview bring people to church to visit.
  42. Hope to see you at church this weekend. If you don’t go to church this weekend what will you be doing? Check with God on that.
  43. Love the mission of Life Change!!!

Weekend Rewind

  • SO MANY THINGS to be excited about!!!
  • Loved seeing so many come to Jesus this weekend!!
  • Loved seeing people bring their friends!!!
  • Loved the guy who told me he was not a believer yet but appreciated the passion with which I shared the Word.
  • Worship was fantastic!!
  • I so desperately want to see our congregation continue to grow in raising the praise. May the church come alive for His glory!!
  • Special thanks to Darren Libby for being our guest.
  • I closed our session 3 of Get Connected this past Sunday – what a great group!!
  • Heard great things about Phil Stacy leading our teens in worship and a purity challenge on Sunday night.
  • Special thanks to all our student leaders who are investing their lives in our students!!!
  • Our St. Augustine campus broke its attendance record – largest gathering since our launch!!
  • Thanks to all those who are going to St. Aug to serve in the family photo project this weekend. If you are not going please pray for the event.
  • I have received a couple emails this week that have been a special encouragement to my heart. God is good!!!
  • I am LOVING this series on Divine Love – the Word of God is so powerful!!!!!
  • I mentioned some openings on our cleaning team at the 11:30 service and we had a few jump in right away to say they would serve. We need about 6 more people who would be willing to serve one Sat a month at 4pm. This is a great opportunity for a couple or a family. If you are interested please email jessica@parkviewlife.com right now.
  • I need to run – Have a great rest of the week!!!!

Weekend Rewind

  • I John 4 is an absolutely incredible passage!!!
  • Parkview is an awesome place to get to preach the truth of God’s Word each week!!
  • Perhaps unlike any other series I have ever preached, I had no idea what I was really getting into when I chose this topic.
  • I have never been so thankful to be overwhelmed by a topic!
  • Somebody asked me if I could post my sermon notes. Here is a link if you would like to take a look at my notes.
  • In our time of worship through song, I appreciate our worship ministry always seeking to give God their best – but I also recognize that what raises the praise is when the congregation brings their best praise as well. Let the platform and the pew give Him praise!!!!
  • It was President’s Day weekend and the weather was gorgeous and we still had a tremendous weekend attendance. So thankful for the people the Lord is adding to our church!!
  • To all who invest financially in our mission I would like to say thanks – you ARE making a difference and bringing Life Change to so many!
  • A huge thank you to all our student leaders who led our Overflo students on their Winter retreat – now that is an investment with huge dividends.
  • I am thankful for what God is doing in St. Augustine. I believe they had their largest attendance yet this past weekend.
  • I would also like to thank all of our Life Group leaders for the investment they are making into hundreds of lives!!!!
  • WOW!! So thankful for all that God is doing. May we walk in humility and holiness!


  • There are so many things that cause me in this moment to want to jump up and down and scream GOD IS GOOD! I am not even sure quite where to begin this post.
  • Let’s begin with success – as a church we define success in stories. Stories of Life Change is what says, “That is a win”.
  • This past weekend’s baptisms were incredible and such a testament to God’s working in so many lives. The testimonies, the tears, the hugs, the support of friends and families – WOW!!
  • I loved sharing the story of Jason Hartley – from salvation to 5k Race Director. God is good and his salvation changes lives from the inside out!!!
  • LOVED meeting so many guests!!!
  • Loved that 2 guys drove 45 minutes each way to go get their friend and bring him to church!!! WOW did I love meeting that guest!!!
  • Loved meeting the guy who had NEVER been to church!
  • Regardless of who says it I still LOVE the line, “Pastor, let me introduce you to…”
  • Our missions team members did an incredible job sharing what God did through them and more importantly what God did in them!!!
  • So thankful for the work that Kayla is doing in Cambodia at Hope House.
  • Just minutes after I wrapped up things in the last service I got a text from a family in our church that committed to send the two girls at Hope House to Bible College for 1 year – a $2,400 gift that invests in such an incredible way!!!
  • Speaking of generosity – I had breakfast with a guy today who met with me for the purpose of seeing how he could invest financially in our mission.
  • In checking my email, right before this blog post, I got an email from a lady in our church who is also wanting to be generous financially.
  • WOW – Generosity is contagious!!!
  • This stuff doesn’t just happen – GOD IS CRAZY GOOD!!!
  • I CAN’T WAIT to launch our brand new series this weekend, Divine Love!!!!!!!!
  • Lifesong, the college singing group from Trinity Baptist College will be with us this coming weekend – YOU WILL BE BLESSED!
  • Melissa Fox and Tyler McNulty have joined our staff team to serve with children and students. While they are only part-time I know they will make a huge difference!!!
  • I am really excited about the potential to reach countless people in St. Augustine!!!
  • Excuse me while I go jump up and down and shout the goodness of God!!!

What in the world happened!

In one of the most bizarre instances I have ever witnessed, my computer was out of commission for a couple days. As the result of a “maintenance accident” at the church my laptop screen ended up with a hole in the screen – as the result of a generous person who had an older version of the same laptop which they no longer used and because said person has mad computer skills they swapped their screen for my screen…for FREE!!! I was reminded in one incident that God both has a sense of humor and that God provides! The previous story lays out why I am a little delayed in getting this information to you:) I wanted to provide a few quick thoughts and links in conjunction with last weekends sermon on Finances:

  • I love preaching on finances because our people love to think responsibly and biblically.
  • In light of my past experience, current situation and future hopes and dreams what financial things do I need to do?
  • Our Christmas offering finished at over $52,000 – thanks for your generosity!!!!
  • If you missed last weekends message you can listen here.
  • If you would like a link to a FREE budget form just click here.
  • If you are looking for good biblical financial advice I recommend this guy and this guy.
  • A HUGE blessing to Parkview has been the addition of automated and online giving. If you would like to make your giving easy, a priority and a blessing you can click here to sign up or get more info. A special thanks to so many who already give through automated giving!!!
  • Do you want to give away a car? I can’t tell you how many times this has happened at Parkview! Here is the story: Peter had a spinal stroke, quadruple bypass, a pancreas and kidney transplant and is an amputee. He is ministered to by a very caring family in our church who love him deeply. Oh, did I mention Peter is only 42! Peter is in need of a car. If you or someone you know have an extra car and would like more info you can contact me greg@parkviewlife.com. Please pause for a second and pray for God to have His way.
  • I look forward to the opportunity that I have and our church has to be generous in 2014!!!
  • Work hard
  • Create margin
  • Have a plan
  • Give generously

I CAN’T WAIT to close out our series this weekend!!!! It is going to be an incredible weekend as we focus on the importance of relationships this coming year!!! I don’t remember the last time I was looking forward to preaching a sermon that has such potential to change our inner personal relationships.

WHATEVER YOU DO I would do my best to get to one of our 5 services!!!! Palm Coast: Sat 6pm, Sun 9, 10:15, 11:30am or St. Augustine Sun 10am.

Follow up links

As I stated this past weekend, I love January 1st’s!
I loved the launch of our new series: 3 - Fitness, Finances and Friends. These are the big 3 that seem to get mentioned when people talk resolutions and revolutions. As a way to further help, encourage, and resource our church family, I wanted to provide what I believe will be some very helpful resources. We had a phenomenal weekend talking about how we were made by Him and for His glory – my body for His glory.
  • In case you missed it, click here to listen to last weekends message. Pastor John Mark preached Sat night in PC and Sun morning in St. Aug, and I preached Sun morning in PC. I appreciate JM’s message and help communicating!!
  • Click here to listen to Rick and Carol Siboni’s story – I am so PROUD of them!!!
  • If you would like to get more info on Carol’s health coaching, you can get info here.
  • James and Jenni Allen are amazing friends and a help to so many in our congregation. A special thanks to them for being in all 4 of our services!! They specialize in boot camps Mon, Wed and Fri at 5:30am or 9:00am and personalized training. If you would like more info on their services, please visit them on their website.
  • I appreciate the generous offer that Atlantic Fitness makes to Parkview people. $14.95/month with no sign up fee, no contract and no cancellation fee. Atlantic Fitness is right across from Houligans and Outback. They just remodeled and have some great equipment. You can click here to visit their website and request more info. The owners, Lou and Wyndi Salvagio, are a part of our Parkview family.
  • I mentioned in a couple services that Mrs. Terry Williams leads a quit smoking program, and a new class begins this Thurs night Jan. 9th at the hospital on Hwy 100. The class is FREE and is from 5:30-7:00pm. Call (877)784-8486 to sign up.
  • If you have any addiction or habit that does not glorify God and is detrimental to your long term health, PLEASE go check out Celebrate Recovery!! This is an amazing program that meets on Fri nights. Check out this info and discover more about them.
  • I have also heard great things about Rick Warren’s new book The Daniel Plan. It came out immediately on the NY Times best seller list. Here it is on Amazon.

I wanted to send this email to our entire email list because I have a desire to help you in any way possible, and I want 2014 to be your best year ever!! Please let me know if I can serve you in any way.

Weekend Rewind

  • What a wonderful weekend!!!
  • Our kids did a fabulous job in their Christmas program!!!
  • Special thanks to Pastor Kelly, Miss Sonya and Miss Katie!!!
  • Katie Gables did a phenomenal job as the volunteer director !!!
  • I was really impressed with the ownership that our parents took on so many levels – homerun by our moms and dads!! You helped make sure your kids were prepared and you really served in so many ways to make the weekend possible- THANKS!!
  • Loved meeting all the people you invited to be your guest.
  • I THOROUGHLY ENJOYED having our kids help us unveil the plans for our new children’s building.
  • I will take some more time this week on my blog to re-communicate some of the things we shared this past weekend in regards to the building.
  • I am really looking forward to the MAJOR IMPACT that Wise Men Gift Exchange and Living Nativity will have this week.
  • A special thanks to all our AMAZING volunteers!!
  • A huge thanks to all those donating gifts.
  • What a thrill to celebrate the birth of the Savior!!!

Weekend Rewind

  • Just a bunch of random thoughts this Mon am.
  • I already swapped FB messages (several of them) with 2 Cambodian missions partners. Love technology and love what God is doing in Cambo and Hope House.
  • I reminded God this morning that I come to him desperate and broken.
  • This weekend at our 9am service in Palm Coast we were able to love on Wayne Dodd at the end of our service. Wayne’s wife Linda passed away this passed Sun night/Mon morning. Please continue to pray for Wayne.
  • We had a tremendous weekend attendance!!! The weekend following Thanksgiving is notoriously low for us but not this year:)
  • Love that we have families that are visiting and even better that we have visiting families over the last few weeks that keep coming!!
  • Last weekend we had 90 – yes 90!!!! new volunteers sign up to begin serving!!!!
  • This weekend we highlighted the Wise Men Gift Exchange that takes place Sat, Dec, 14th at 8am. This is wonderful event that serves so many children and families in our city!!!
  • A reminder that all donated gifts (new and gently used) can be dropped off any time from Sun Dec 8 unitl Fri Sat 13.
  • As you begin to pray about how God would have you give generously and sacrificially, just be reminded you can use the regular envelope on your seat and just write Christmas Offering in the appropriate place and the amount you are designating.
  • Let’s give a gift to Christ so that we can give the gift of Christ!!!
  • This year Emmanuel’s Clothing Closet and our Food Pantry will also be open and serving the families at the same time. I greatly appreciate Brandi Fowler, Mike Semelroth and their respective teams that lead the clothing closet and food pantry!!!
  • LOVED launching our new series, Who is Jesus?
  • This is a great series to bring somebody with you to church!!
  • I am really excited about how God is going to use this series to bring Life Change to people in our faith family.
  • I needed the message on the Wonderful Counselor – already consulted Him this morning!
  • We had a good Group Life leader meeting last night. I understand we already have 5 new groups that will be launching in January.
  • Looking forward to all this week hold and trust you will be enjoy a new week to love and serve Him!!

Weekend Rewind

  • WOW what a weekend!!!!!!!!
  • The people of Parkview are so generous!!!!
  • We share the story of baby Christian King. He was born Oct 12, had surgery a few days later and then just today was able to be taken off the ventilator.
  • Yesterday I asked our church family to give $1 – $5 – just a little something to help out. We collected $1,185!!! A special thanks to our church for showing such love. This is a great example of what alot of people can accomplish when they work together!!
  • The card and check was delivered to Wolfson’s Children’s Hospital.
  • Upon receiving the gift, Chris texted me and said, “Pastor Greg thank you so very much! We are speechless! The gift helps us tremendously & we are so very very grateful! We are praising God! So many answered prayers! It’s ALL for His glory!! Thank you and thank you Parkview! We told Christian he’s got a lot of people to meet soon!! I’m sure he can’t wait! Thank you!”
  • Pastor Kelly and Amber were totally shocked when Overflo threw them a surprise baby shower. They were absolutely overwhelmed by the students generosity. In fact, Kelly texted me Sunday night and told me they were speechless. To which I replied that it must have been some shower because he is never without words:)
  • We have now had 250 – yes 250 – volunteers sign up to serve for Living Nativity. Going to be another INCREDIBLE outreach!!!!
  • So blessed and thankful for the number of guests that have been visiting.
  • I learned of another family this weekend that will be moving – this is getting ridiculous!!!! It is official – nobody else is allowed to move!!!!
  • Love what God is doing in the hearts of our men. Promise Keepers was yet just another dose of fuel on the fire!!!
  • I can’t express how much I enjoy challenging our men and preaching to them.
  • I do believe a man must be called to honor God with his resources and must decide whether he will obey what the Bible says about tithing and grace giving?
  • So many men of Parkview can brag on the tangible and intangible benefits of using their resources for the glory of God!!
  • So much more that could be said about the weekend but it is getting late and I have an early morning:)
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