A Whole New World

Perhaps a radical new world is not such an impossibility and perhaps, just perhaps, it will not take a miracle but rather only a doable tweak. The world I want to talk about changing is my world...your world. Every one of us finds life to be challenging and our world often difficult to navigate. Just for a moment imagine a personal world that is much more fulfilling, rewarding and easier in which to get around. And let's say for a moment we don't have to perform a personal miracle to make all these things such. I have an idea: is there one small, doable thing you can change or tweak that would make a massive difference in your personal world? I have a few recommendations. What if we were to just change one of the following elements:

Work ethic
Prayer life
Money management
Family time

There are plenty more things we could add to the list, but I don't want the list to overwhelm us. In fact, don't add anything to the list, perhaps, just delete all but one. Choose the one area where you are willing to bet the farm that it would really change the way you traverse the globe. You know it would change you, those around you and the world in which you live. God created the world and He can certainly help you recreate yours.