Godliness Makes a City Great

One of the things I enjoy most in ministry is the opportunity to pray at public events in our city. Later today I will pray at the Nation Day of Prayer event sponsored by Florida Hospital Flagler. Last night I had another opportunity to pray. In fact, last night, one of the organization's leaders commented on the number of times he has heard me pray at different gatherings. Wednesday night's event played host to a number of elected officials. While there I had the opportunity to speak with Sheriff Rick Staley and thank him for the great work he and his officers did in apprehending the assailant that shot at a deputy on London Drive earlier this week. I also shared a good laugh with Mayor Melissa Holland and then thanked her for her diligent efforts in serving the people of Palm Coast.
When it came time for me to pray the invocation I focused on the following items:
*What a privilege it is to live in such a beautiful city. *What an honor it is for our elected officials to be servant leaders. *I thanked God for the safety he gave to our officers as they were shot at in the London Drive shooting and the safety during the subsequent manhunt that followed. *I thanked God for the hiring of our new school superintendent, James Tager, and I prayed for the new opportunities that lie ahead for him. I also, by name, thanked God for the work of our school board in the process. *I prayed for the blessing of and the protection of our students in Flagler County schools. *I prayed Proverbs 14:34 - Godliness makes a nation/city great, but sin is a disgrace to any people. I share this post primarily for those in our church family who live in this city and to let you know what an honor it is to, along with you, to be an ambassador for Christ in Palm Coast. Together, every single day, we go out and serve the city, love the city, and shine our light in the city. Together we preach the gospel in countless ways in the place where God has planted us. Thanks for all you do, because when I show up at an event your reputation has already preceded me and I am honored to throw a little water on what you have already planted.