Same name - new logo

We find ourselves in the midst of some pretty crazy, awesome ministry days!! Our growth has happened in such a way and with such intensity that we find ourselves about ready to launch a new campus. The LPGA area is about to explode and we are on the front end of inviting people to join us on the journey of Life Change.
This past weekend I took a few minutes and explained the purpose behind our new ministry logo. The catalyst for a new logo is the launch of our new campus on LPGA. After extensive research we realized that at times we need to be able to clearly delineate between the Palm Coast campus and the LPGA campus. I could go into the nuances behind all that, but the obvious is simply there will be clear occasions upon which we need to speak and advertise specifically to a campus.
In the process of changing our logo we have not changed our name. We are still Parkview Baptist Church. That being said I intentionally have never made a big deal out of being Baptist. Most weekends during our welcome we have just welcomed people to Parkview. One of the biggest blessings is the opportunity we have of welcoming people into our congregation from all kinds of church and non-church backgrounds. I have not wanted our platform or our focus to be built upon a denominational tag. On many occasions, both publicly and privately, I have stated that my desire is to be a Gospel-centered, Bible preaching church.
This past weekend in the 9:30 service as I shared my heart on why the new logo I could feel the positive energy and and could hear the positive verbal affirmations. I told the staff I thought the 9:30 service was going to break out in applause. What that tells me is that our church gets it - while our methods change, our message does not. I guess it is kind of ironic that we just launched a series on doctrine, discussing the core of our theology - or maybe that is not so ironic. Stick around long enough and our logo will change again; but our message will not - it is by grace alone, through faith alone in Christ alone!