Seeing the Little Things

For several months I drove around with bug guts on my windshield, only with the occasion fill up came a temporarily clean front view. Too bad my tank holds about $45 because a large gas tank only added to the dreaded smears, smudges and excess dirt outside the wiper arch. Oh, and often the rain only made it worse. A downpour would have been perfect but for those couple months it seemed that only sprinkles were allowed and that just smeared small gut piles into streaky gut lines. Finally the day came! I broke the bank and drained the savings account and headed off to get the motor replaced. You would have thought I died and went to car heaven. Now I was wishing for bugs, big bugs, and as many as a swarm could throw at me. All it took was two quick pulls forward and the automated 6 arched swipes and Presto Magic! It was as if professional window washer descend his scaffolding and ascended my hood. Could it really be possible that a new window washer motor could rock ones world? That $10 motor made me want to go to CVS just to get milk after already coming home.
While this story has been brewing since the window washer was fixed a few months ago, I dare say every time that I clean my windshield the Lord reminds me that if I take delight in the little things my joy will be restored and I will see life with greater clarity. The little things in life – let them change the way you see things!